City Slums - Raja Kumari ft. DIVINE | Official Video

GRAMMY® Award-nominated Indian-American rapper, singer and songwriter Raja Kumari unveils her debut Indian single CITY SLUMS featuring a collaboration with none else than Mumbai’s very own DIVINE. A song touted to be the anthem for the streets of Mumbai and make you go ‘Ra-Pa-Pum-Pum’! #CitySlums
#Divine #GullyGang
Written and Composed by Raja Kumari, Vivian Fernandes & Gangis Khan
Producer: Beat Busta
Co-Producer: Jules Wolfson
Mixing Engineer: Andrew Wuepper
Mastering Engineer: Brian Lucey
Video Co-Directed by Shawn Thomas & DIVINE
Producer: Durgesh Dadich
Stylist: Karuna Laungani
Photographer: Madeleine Kobold
H/MU: Aabha Pusalkar
Lyrics - City Slums

Run and tell your mummy
The streets go ra pa pum pum
Ra pa pum pum , Ra pa pum pum
It's coming from the Gully
It's coming from the city slum slums
City slum slums
City slum slums
Sadak zabaani, chai mein paani, haath mein kaarigaari
Naka ab khaali, bhaari thaali, sar pe zimmedaari
Ek hi toh maalik baaki kuch din waale karamchaari
Kaayeka beef, tu is rap khel mein shakahaari
Bahut jaali
Yeh rapper famous hue deke gaali - lambi gaadi
Asliyat mein inki jebein khaali - kalakaari
Maas lega humse brahmachaari - kar savaari
Apni wohi gully, wohi chaali
Kitni naari, kitni chaabi, note tere kitni saari,
Nahi aane wale kaam tere maiyat pe - swayam se
Jhoot na tu bol payega
Apne aad fassa kharcha phokat mein tu khayega

Run and tell your mummy
The streets go ra pa pum pum
Ra pa pum pum , Ra pa pum pum
It's coming from the Gully
It's coming from the city slum slums
City slum slums
City slum slums
(Raja Kumari)
Raja Kumari
I go harder than anybody
Daughter of the King
American Dream
Phir bhi dil mein Hindustani
So don't misunderstand me
I do it for the people
Yes I do it for my family, mainly
I'm gonna get it, I'm with it
I make it run run
I'm gonna get it
I'm in it, until it's done done
They tried to stop me
Don't make the same mistake
They tried to copy
But they can't take my place
Cuz oh God!
All eyes on the underdog
Go hard
No time for you none at all
Whole squad
Four tires on the Boulevard
Running through the streets at dark
Flowing like the Ganga (Gangotri!)
Run and tell your mummy
The streets go ra pa pum pum
Ra pa pum pum , Ra pa pum pum
It's coming from the Gully
It's coming from the city slum slums
City slum slums
City slum slums

Ja ke pooch-Ja ke pooch Apne baare mein
Gully Gang is the sound of the slums
From LA to Bombay
Know we coming, know we coming
Know we coming up!
Run and tell your mummy
The streets go ra pa pum pum
Ra pa pum pum , Ra pa pum pum
It's coming from the Gully
It's coming from the city slum slums
City slum slums
City slum slums
Raja Kumari!
Hindustan mein kya!
Tera bhai-Tera bhai!
Gully Gang boy!


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